Houston Rockets: 3 trades to land Cade Cunningham in the NBA Draft

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NBA Draft: Houston Rockets Cade Cunningham trade #2

The New Orleans Pelicans might not appear to be a win-now team, but that ignores the ticking time bomb that is Zion Williamson. There are already rumbles that Zion is unhappy in New Orleans and the only way to make a superstar happy is to start racking up the wins. 

This trade allows the Rockets to send the 2nd pick and the 10th pick, via New Orleans, to the Pistons. In return, the Rockets get the aforementioned 1st pick and the contracts of Eric Bledsoe and Steven Adams. 

The benefit for the Pelicans is they get off of two contracts that are holding back their team building. The freed-up cap space would allow them to re-sign Lonzo Ball and they land Eric Gordon who, theoretically, fits as a floor spacer next to Zion.

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Add in they also get a late first-round pick to help round out the roster and the Pelicans are in a great position to build the type of roster that gets the most out of Zion. The Pelicans would be paying a steep price to get off of Bledsoe and Adams contracts, but they don’t have the luxury of time right now. 

This deal works for the Rockets because they get the 1st pick, which they covet, and they still hold on to the 24th pick. The Pistons turn the 1st pick into the 2nd and 10th picks and the Pelicans have a chance to make Zion a happy man in the Big Easy.