Houston Rockets: 3 trades of John Wall to the LA Clippers

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Houston Rockets: Trade #3 of John Wall to the LA Clippers

(Contract length - 2021-22 salary)

This trade is best described as the pu pu platter option. The Clippers secure John Wall and send an assortment of players back to the Rockets. Rajon Rondo and Patrick Beverly are useful NBA players on reasonable contracts but having both on your roster is a mistake.

Luke Kennard’s contract went from shrewd to an albatross in a single season. There’s a chance that Kennard will bounce back with better health, but Tyron Lue and the Clippers don’t appear to want to give him the chance. Yogi Ferrell is included in the trade for salary purposes.

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This deal allows the Rockets to cut their 2022-23 salary commitments by close to $30 million. While the Kennard contract may be difficult to move, having one bad deal at $13 million a season isn’t a death sentence. 

The Clippers turn three bad contracts into one gigantic bad contract. However, Wall fills an immediate need and is a perfect fit for their roster. With Kawhi Leonard coming off an ACL injury, the Clippers need someone to ease his playmaking load and help create easy looks. 

Kawhi didn’t hurt his ACL because he had to do everything on both ends of the court for the Clippers, but it certainly didn’t help. Wall is the type of player that Kawhi and George can trust to run the offense. Wall might be an imperfect player but he’s a perfect fit with the Clippers