Houston Rockets: 3 Trades of Eric Gordon to the Utah Jazz 

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Eric Gordon to the Utah Jazz Trade #3

This trade is relatively simple. The Jazz package Joe Ingles and Elijah Huges expiring contracts and a 2027 lottery-protected first-round pick for Eric Gordon. The Rockets get a future asset that could have some value and significant salary cap relief next season, while the Jazz get an immediate upgrade without losing any player of significant importance. 

The two sides may quibble over the 2027 protections and how the protections change year to year. For instance, if the Jazz are in the lottery in 2027, would the pick convey to 2028 but only be top-10 protected? Those details are important, even if they seem minute. 

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The concern the Jazz may have is that they would be cashing in one of their last tradeable assets and as a veteran team, their 2027 roster could be pretty dire. However, Gordon is under contract for one more year of guaranteed money and another if the Jazz want him. For the Jazz, Gordon’s contract length may be viewed as an asset. 

If the Jazz are willing to make this trade they’re all in on a championship, which they should be. If you have a 5% chance at a title it’s worth it, and Eric Gordon could give them the edge they desperately in Joe Ingles’ absence. 

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