Houston Rockets: 3 Trades of Eric Gordon to the Utah Jazz 

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Eric Gordon to the Utah Jazz Trade #2

The Jazz have been looking for perimeter defense for what seems like forever. Before the Ingles injury, it was their number one priority at the deadline. Gordon, while not awful, is not a great perimeter defender. He has never had a positive defensive box plus/minus in his career and is at a career-worst -2.5 this season. 

This is what makes a package of Eric Gordon and David Nwaba such a perfect package. Gordon is the lights-out offense replacement for Joe Ingles and Nwaba is the perimeter defender the Jazz have long coveted. 

Nwaba isn’t much on offense, but he is on a cheap deal for multiple seasons. The Jazz have an expensive roster and adding Nwaba gives them a useful defensive specialist at a fair price. 

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The Rockets get the expiring deals of Ingles and Hassan Whiteside. Whiteside is likely to be bought out. Nwaba and Gordon are set to earn $24.5 million next season which is off the Rockets' books and could make them more receptive to a John Wall buyout or be the salary middlemen in larger trades.

However, in this situation, they get the Jazz’s 2028 first-round pick with a top-eight protection. As stated earlier, the Jazz could be really bad in 2028 and any of their firsts could be very valuable. The top-eight protection is there to ease their front office’s concern of a doomsday scenario to get the deal done. 

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