Houston Rockets: 3 Trades of Eric Gordon to the Utah Jazz 

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Eric Gordon to the Utah Jazz Trade #1

This final deal would be a massive swing by the Jazz, but it might be their best chance to make a run at a title this season and next, outside of landing a superstar. Eric Gordon obviously fits the Jazz and fills a suddenly pressing need for floor spacing. Jae’Sean Tate improves their perimeter defense and gives them another player capable of driving the ball to the basket. 

For as excellent as the Jazz are on offense, they’re ranked first in the league, they have precious few players that can get to the rim and finish. Donovan Mitchell can blow by defenders and elevate over bigs and Rudy Gobert is a giant, but outside of those two, they have a roster of floor spacers and slashers. 

They’re able to get to the rim due to their 3-point shooting causing overzealous closeouts, but Tate would add an extra element on offense that they need. 

The real appeal of Tate for the Jazz is his defensive versatility and his contract. Tate is usually asked to guard the opposing team’s best player and has done admirably without the help of any plus defenders. With Rudy Gobert backing him up, there’s a chance that Tate’s defense could reach another gear. 

Tate’s contract is a gem. He is making $1.5 million this season and has a $1.7 team option for the next. He improves the Jazz these next two seasons without putting too much pressure on their luxury tax bill. 

The Rockets for helping the Jazz’s title charge get the expiring deals of Eric Paschall and Ingles plus two first-round picks. The Jazz cannot trade their 2023 first-round pick, but there is trade language that allows teams to trade their next available pick. The Jazz owe their 2022 first to Memphis and it is almost assuredly going to convey. 

A 2027 first-round pick with a lottery protection, plus a descending level of protection if it doesn’t convey, should be an asset haul worthy of this type of in-season upgrade. The Jazz would be paying a lot, but they’d be maximizing their chances at a title. 

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