Houston Rockets: The 5 best basketball fits in a John Wall trade 

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Houston Rockets: The 5 best basketball fits for John Wall - #4: Philadelphia 76ers

When I had finally crunched the numbers I had to do a double-take when I saw this result. Never in my wildest dreams would I suspect that the 76ers, with Ben Simmons still on the roster no less, would be the fourth-best basketball fit for John Wall. 

That being said, the 76ers were the 12th best 3-point shooting team and the second-best defense. Add in the fact that Ben Simmons, their primary playmaker, is only average compared to other team’s top assisters in terms of assist percentage, and you have a recipe ready for a heaping serving of Wall.  

It is no secret that the 76ers have been shopping Ben Simmons. If he were removed from the sample and replaced by Shake Milton and his 20.3-percent assist percentage, then suddenly the 76ers would vault up a spot and be a fraction off of second place for the distinct title of the best basketball fit for John Wall. 

If the 76ers do end up trading Ben Simmons and they don’t land a primary playmaker in return, Wall could be an option, although I doubt he would be their first. Sometimes the data surprises you, and this is one of those occasions. I doubt it would have much sway on Daryl Morey, but why not try a Simmons for Wall trade?