Houston Rockets: The 5 best basketball fits in a John Wall trade 

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Houston Rockets: The 5 best basketball fits for John Wall - #2: New York Knicks

The New York Knicks have been linked to John Wall in the past. How serious those flirtations were no one knows, but from a basketball perspective there is some validity to them. 

The Knicks were the third most accurate team from behind the arc, which comes with the caveat that they were near the bottom of the league in 3-point attempts. On top of their 3-point accuracy, the Knicks had the third-best defense in the league and their primary facilitator, Julius Randle, posted a below-average assist percentage for a lead option.

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The Knicks need a true point guard and they know it. Armed with plentiful cap space, chances are they’ll go hard after Kyle Lowry, Chris Paul, and Mike Conley. If their advances are rebuked or the trio’s asking prices are too high, then Wall could factor into their plans. 

Wall is significantly younger and, while immediately expensive, his contract is only for two more years. It remains highly unlikely that Lowry, Paul, or Conley would take a two-year deal. The Knicks are a great basketball fit for John Wall, and, miraculously, they have the cap space to take on his contract. 

The Rockets will need to monitor the free-agent landscape. Someone will come up empty-handed and John Wall might just be their best option.