Houston Rockets: The 5 best basketball fits in a John Wall trade 

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Houston Rockets: The 5 best basketball fits for John Wall - #1: LA Clippers

The Clippers are the best basketball fit for John Wall. The franchise has been looking for a true point guard ever since they sent Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Paul George trade. 

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With Kawhi Leonard likely out most, if not all, of next season the Clippers could desperately use an upgrade in their backcourt. Patrick Beverly and Rajon Rondo are fine at point guard if you can play them next to Kawhi Leonard and Paul George but with just George their deficiencies become glaring. 

The Clippers have the perfect environment for Wall to thrive. They were the best 3-point shooting team in the league last season and had the eighth-best defense. Without a true point guard their primary creators were Kawhi Leonard and Paul George who posted assist percentages of 24.6-percent and 24.9-percent. 

Wall would instantly come in and be the best facilitator on the team and the Clippers have an environment where he can thrive. In short, the Clippers offer Wall something he needs and Wall offers the Clippers something they need. It’s a match made in the city of angels if the salary cap didn’t exist. 

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The Clippers would have to offload a lot of salaries to make it work but the combination of Rajon Rondo, Luke Kennard, and Marcus Morris is enough in salary to make a deal work. Would the Rockets want that type of return? That remains an open question but if the Clippers want John Wall they can have him, and it would make all the basketball sense in the world.