Houston Rockets: What is Christian Wood’s trade value?

N.B. Lindberg
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There are two camps in Houston Rockets fandom. The camp that wants the Rockets to rebuild around Christian Wood and the camp that wants the Rockets to rebuild their roster by trading Christian Wood. 

The unfortunate reality of this tribal dichotomy is that both sides want the same thing, they want the Rockets to become championship contenders. Instead of arguing why the Rockets should or shouldn’t trade Wood, it’s better to gauge what his value in the trade market is. For instance, if a Wood trade could land a return similar to what the Rockets got for James Harden, the trade Wood camp would be the size of Texas. Conversely, if the only thing trading Wood turned into was a single protected pick, then the cries to trade him would be limited to opposing fanbases. 

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In every NBA trade, there are four primary factors a team must consider when valuing a player. First, the most important factor in a player’s value is their talent. The next most important factor is the player’s contract. The third factor is how scarce is that player’s skill set. Finally, the fourth factor is how easily does that player fits into a team. 

Should the Rockets keep or trade Christian Wood is a question of, what is Chrisitan Wood’s trade value? By analyzing his talent, contract, skill set scarcity, and fit we can determine what his value on the market should be. With that information in hand, you can confidently conclude if the Rockets should trade or keep Wood.