Houston Rockets: What is Christian Wood’s trade value?

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Houston Rockets: What’s Christian Wood’s trade value?

Christian Wood is between the top-50 and top-30 players in the league. That means he’s best suited to be the fourth-best player on a championship team. His contract is excellent, his talents are in demand and unique, and he fits into almost any NBA offense. So how does it all add up and what is his trade value?

Considering all the factors, Wood should fetch two first-round picks, a pick swap, and a salary match through trade. The firsts would be protected and, because of how poor the Rockets are, the swap likely wouldn’t convey. Who the Rockets land as the salary match would be the real haul. If they’re able to pry an interesting young player, a quality veteran, or an expiring contract then the trade could be a huge success.  

That return may not seem like much, but remember, Wood isn’t the missing piece to a championship puzzle. He helps a team’s chances but he won’t take a fringe contender and make them a favorite. Two first-round picks and a quality player is an awful lofty price.

The question isn’t should the Rockets trade Chrisitan Wood, the question is if the Rockets are better off with two more first-round picks and another player or two. Chrisitan Wood is a good player on a good contract, but he’s not the third piece in a big three. He’s the steady excellent bassist in a quartet. That’s valuable, but it doesn’t make an album go platinum.  

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