Houston Rockets: Eric Gordon has saved his trade value

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Houston Rockets: What’s Gordon’s trade value now? 

Before the season, Eric Gordon’s trade value was very likely negative. While there is no way to definitively know that, because he wasn’t traded, the fact that he wasn’t traded is telling. The Rockets have been looking to move veterans for future-looking assets. The only reason to keep Gordon around is that moving him would have cost the franchise a future asset. 

What a difference ten games makes. Gordon isn’t going to land a parade of first-round picks, but at least now his deal isn’t underwater. The third year of his deal isn’t fully guaranteed which means an acquiring team is only on the hook for two years and $37.7 million. That’s not cheap, but teams will pay close to $20 million a season for a floor spacer in the modern NBA. 

capitalGordon should fetch a protected first-round pick or multiple seconds. If the contract the Rockets take on is poor, then they could probably land more assets. In ten games, Gordon went from giving up draft capitol to gaining it. If he keeps shooting the lights out, the Rockets could see that price rise. Gordon has had a good Rockets career, but it’s time he moves on and chases that elusive championship ring. 

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