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Houston Rockets: Evaluating the state of the PG position

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Houston Rockets: Who are the point guards on the roster?

To kick off the 2021-22 NBA season the Rockets will have Kevin Porter Jr and John Wall as their primary candidates to play point guard. The two are on the opposite end of their respective careers. Porter is a young up-and-coming player with boundless potential, while Wall is an aging former superstar coming to terms with his new, lesser, reality

Rounding out the point guard rotation is D.J. Augustin, who is the most likely to be moved. Any team with John Wall needs depth at the point guard position, as his health cannot be counted on, and rolling with only three players at the position might be a little too light. 

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Kevin Porter Jr. needs reps to unlock his potential but having a real competition at the position, in the likely event that Wall gets injured, should remain a priority for the franchises. Also, due to Augustin’s age, experience and contract, he’s only making $7 million this season, he is a good mid-season trade chip. 

The Rockets are in the early stages of their rebuild and the only point guard currently on the roster who has any chance at a future with the franchise is Porter Jr. After the season got away from them, the Rockets were patient with Porter Jr’s mistakes and gave him room to grow. Expect more of the same but it wouldn’t come as a surprise if the franchise opts to bring in some more age-appropriate competition.