Houston Rockets: Evaluating the state of the PG position

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Houston Rockets: Point guard needs

The Rockets need to plan like the only point guard on the roster next season is Kevin Porter Jr. With John Wall’s health a Riddler-sized question mark and Augustin likely to be trade bait, the Rockets need to start the season with four players capable of manning the position. 

Hot. 3 trades of John Wall to the Clippers, Spurs, and Bulls. dark

Seemingly every Western Conference team has an All-Star caliber point guard now, which means the Rockets need to find someone who can hold their own on the defensive end. If they had playoff aspirations this would be a crucial need, but since they’re likely positioning themselves for ping-pong balls in the 2022 NBA draft, it’s likely a deficiency they will gladly not address. 

The Rockets Achilles heel last season was their pathetic shooting. They took the third-most 3-pointers and were the third-worst 3-point shooting team and before you suggest they take more mid-range jumpers, just know, they were the worst in the league there. 

The only place where the Rockets weren’t a bottom-three shooting team was in shots at the rim. With Wall and Porter flexing adequate playmaking chops, the most important need for the point guard rotation is more shooting. Outside of Kevin Porter Jr. making an unprecedented jump, the Rockets will remain a poor shooting team unless they address it aggressively this offseason.