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Houston Rockets vs Golden State Warriors game preview - November 20

N.B. Lindberg
Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets
Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets / Bob Levey/GettyImages
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The Houston Rockets host the Golden State Warriors on Sunday, November 20. The defending champion Warriors are coming off a home victory over the New York Knicks, while the Rockets are licking their wounds following one of their worst performances of the season against the Indiana Pacers.

After opening up a 25-10 first quarter lead, the Rockets were outscored in each subsequent quarter, wasting an opportunity to capitalize on an atrocious shooting performance from the Pacers with their own season-worst shooting night (33.7%). The Rockets’ defense has held up their end of the bargain the past two games, but the offense has fallen off a cliff.

The Warriors aren't so mighty on the road

While a meeting with the defending champs would usually be a daunting pallet cleanser, these Golden State Warriors have oscillated between being lightyears ahead and engaging in Rendezvous with Wembanyama. The Warriors are 7-9 but are 7-1 at home and 0-8 on the road. 

At home, they look like a Harlem Globetrotters. They average 120.5 points per game and allow 110.3, good for a +10.2 point differential. However, on the road, they turn into Washington Generals, scoring 113.6 points per game and allowing 124.3, for a -10.7 point differential. The question remains, will the Rockets end or extend the Warriors’ road suffering? These are the stats to know, player to watch, and x-factor for the Rockets and Warriors showdown. 

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