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Houston Rockets vs Golden State Warriors game preview - November 20

N.B. Lindberg
Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets
Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets / Bob Levey/GettyImages
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Houston Rockets vs Golden State Warriors: Stats to know

The Warriors’ offense is characterized by pace and movement. They play at the league’s fastest pace (102.7), attempt the most passes (325) and catch and shoot attempts per game (32.3), rank first in cuts and off-ball screens, third in handoffs, and have the lowest average seconds per touch (2.7). The mixture has led to the league’s fourth-best effective field goal percentage (56.4%) but little else. 

The Warriors have the 25th-ranked turnover rate (14.4%), the 24th-highest offensive rebound rate (21%), and the 29th free throw attempt rate (.223). Of the top-five teams in effective field goal percentage, their 12th-ranked offensive rating of 113.3 is the lowest by a significant margin. 

Last season, the Warriors rode the number one rated defense to a 53-29 record and NBA Championship. This season, their defense has slipped to 24th. They still prevent shots from going in, with the 8th best opponent effective field goal percentage of 52.7%, and force the 10th most turnovers (13.3%), but their rebounding has fallen off, and are fouling a ton, 29th in opponent free throws to field goal attempts at .249 (30th is .250). 

Their drop in rebounding has been the most notable change. They ranked second last season in defensive rebounding percentage at 78.7% but have fallen to 26th and 73.9%. The Rockets’ lone offensive strength is offensive rebounding, which they could exploit. 

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