Houston Rockets: How good will Kevin Porter Jr be?

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Houston Rockets: What are realistic expectations for Kevin Porter Jr?

So, what are realistic expectations for Porter in his second season with the Rockets? Expect him to have the ball in his hands a lot, and thus, produce solid to impressive raw counting stats. However, averaging 20 points a game on a bad team doesn’t make a player an All-Star, especially in the Western Conference. Porter’s box plus/minus has been -3.8 over his career. If he can vault to an even 0 BPM that’d represent a massive improvement. 

Another important part of his development will be how well he can develop chemistry with Jalen Green and Christian Wood. If he struggles to share the court with Green that could raise some serious red flags. What will be more important to the Rockets’ immediate on-court success is how he and Wood develop as a pick and roll partnership. Wood is an awesome rim runner and has pick and pop upside. If the pair develop serious chemistry they could both see their numbers and the team’s offense jump. 

For Kevin Porter Jr to be an All-Star, he needs to first be an average NBA player. If can get there in year three, then the Rockets will have unearthed a gem. Over the course of the season, look at his shooting efficiency and defensive effort to gauge his development. If he makes a leap in either area, then watch out, but, more likely, he’ll make moderate improvements. 

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Kevin Porter Jr has a solid base to build on, but he needs to keep improving to reach the expectations of Rockets’ nation. He’ll likely be close to average with inflated stats. Still, that’s not bad for a 21-year-old.