Houston Rockets: Kevin Porter Jr’s the good, the bad, and the ugly start to the season

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Kevin Porter Jr, the Bad: The 3-Point Shooting 

While Porter’s ability to generate free throws gives him plenty of scoring potential, his inability to hit threes could end his NBA career. For his career, he is a 32-percent 3-point shooter, and, most troubling, his 3-point shooting dipped each season. 

There are some examples of guards who have been productive while shooting that poorly from 3-point range, but they all were elite in some other area of the game. Porter needs his 3-point shooting to trend towards average if he wants to be a starter. 

One way Porter can help his 3-point shooting numbers is by being more discerning with the threes he’s willing to take. Porter is a poor 3-point shooter, but he has been lethal on corner threes. 21-percent of his threes have come from the corners and he has converted 46.2-percent of them. 

His corner proficiency this season isn’t a fluke. For his career, he’s a 39.4-percent shooter from the corners. The problem with corner threes is they’re almost always assisted. If Porter is going to take more corner threes, he’ll need to take a smaller role on offense. 

The Rockets should add plays that get Porter open looks in the corner. The shots will give him confidence and get defenses’ attention. Expecting Porter to come in and be James Harden right away was never realistic. If he can get going from behind the arc, the rest of his offensive game should open up.