Houston Rockets: The last 3 number 2 picks in the NBA Draft

By Lachard Binkley
2019 NBA Draft
2019 NBA Draft / Sarah Stier/Getty Images
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The Houston Rockets have had players like Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady, and James Harden roaming the halls in Houston, so no surprise the franchise hasn't heard their name at the top of the draft for a long time. This has been the case for the Rockets going all the way back to 2002. However, this year the Rockets will look to jump-start the franchise, and by all accounts barring a trade, the player they will be looking to revive the franchise will be Jalen Green.

The Houston Rockets are in uncharted NBA Draft territory

The Rockets have been one of the most successful franchises since that 2002 draft. Consistently making the playoffs and are one of the few teams to not have a losing record from 2002 until this past season. The last time the Rockets had a lottery pick this high was that 2002 draft when they selected Yao Ming, who was the consensus number one pick.

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What makes this draft even rarer for the Rockets is that over the last several years under Darryl Morey, the Rockets have routinely traded away picks trying to bring in the missing pieces to a championship team. With James Harden on the team, the Rockets competed for a championship almost every year, so draft picks were not a high priority and this will be the first time they make a first-round selection since 2015.

This year is different for so many reasons, but the biggest difference is not that the Rockets have the second pick but that they have three total picks in the first round. Of the three picks, the one that has garnered the most attention is the number two overall pick.

The last three number two picks have been a mixed bag from potential All-Stars to players who haven't yet lived up to their draft position. Here are the last three number two picks in the NBA draft and how they have performed so far, and if they are a potential bust or not.