Houston Rockets: The last 3 number 2 picks in the NBA Draft

By Lachard Binkley
2019 NBA Draft
2019 NBA Draft / Sarah Stier/Getty Images
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Ja Morant, , Houston Rockets, NBA Draft
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Houston Rockets: 2019 NBA Draft second overall pick

Potential All Star: Ja Morant

In the 2019 draft, the number one pick was a foregone conclusion. The Pelicans, from the time they won the draft lottery, were expected to take Zion Williamson out of Duke. This is not to say that Ja Morant was a slouch coming out of Murray State, but Zion is already one of the most dominant low-post scorers. However, Morant was easily regarded as the best guard in the draft and has done nothing to change that in the two years since.

Ja Morant has averaged 18,4 points, and 7.3 assist in his first two years. This past year Morant took that next step when he helped lead the Grizzlies into the playoffs for the first time since 2016-17. Morant showed he had the clutch gene and he is a walking highlight with plays like this.

Morant might not be Zion but he's a star in the making, and if he develops a better 3-point shot there could be a debate over who is better. If Green can start his career like Morant, the Rockets will be well on their way to contention in the not-so-distant future.