Houston Rockets: Did the Rockets make a mistake by not selecting Evan Mobley?

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When the Houston Rockets selected Jalen Green with the second overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft, they did so knowing they were passing on the incredibly talented Evan Mobley. While it’s far too early to know what Green will look like at his peak, Mobley’s incredible start to his NBA career has to have people in the Rockets’ front office reflecting on their decision. 

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Houston Rockets: Jalen Green has been as good as advertised

This isn’t a suggestion that Jalen Green is a bust. In fact, his performance suggests he’s right on track to be an All-Star level guard. Through his first 13 games, he compares well to Bradley Beal, Zach Lavine, and Devin Booker as rookies. Not to mention, Green is a better athlete than Beal and Booker. 

Jalen Green is on track to make an All-Star team, but that trio of high profile scoring guards, as great as they are, have one All-NBA selection between them. While that's a cherry-picked stat, and after this season it will probably be two or three total All-NBA selections, it does mean that Green may have a hard time cracking the top-10 at his peak.

Asking if the Rockets made a mistake for not selecting Evan Mobley is in no way an indictment of Jalen Green. It’s simply the reality that while Green looks on track to be an All-Star, Mobley looks like one today, and appears to be on track to be a perennial MVP candidate.