Houston Rockets: Did the Rockets make a mistake by not selecting Evan Mobley?

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Houston Rockets: Evan Mobley's versatility is his secret weapon

According to Basketball Reference’s position estimate, Mobley has spent 29-percent of his court time at small-forward, 45-percent at power-forward, and 26-percent at center. His ability to credibly play three positions has allowed the Cavaliers to play him, Jarrett Allen, and Lauri Markkanen at the same time. No lineup with three seven-footers should be able to function in the modern NBA, but Mobley has been the glue that holds it all together. 

Houston Rockets: Evan Mobley v. Jalen Green could define the 2021 NBA Draft

Jalen Green is on track to be a franchise cornerstone, but Evan Mobley looks to be on track to be an MVP. He’s already elite on defense, his offensive game looks on track to be a significant plus, and his positional versatility allows a team to play any number of lineups. 

Only time will tell if the Rockets made a mistake not selecting Mobley at number two. Jalen Green could become an MVP and Mobley’s development could stall. Overreacting to less than 15 games is usually foolish, but Mobley has simply been that good. It’s hard to fake what he’s doing as a rookie. 

Hopefully, this conversation never goes away. Hopefully, both Mobley and Green are MVP contenders in their primes. Mobley and Green look like franchise cornerstones. Will the Rockets end up regretting their decision? Time will tell, but with the Mobley has hit the ground running, the Pistons are probably having the same thoughts.

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