Houston Rockets: Mock NBA Draft 2.0

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Houston Rockets, NBA Draft
2019 NBA Draft / Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

The 2021 NBA Draft has finally arrived and the Houston Rockets will soon be on the clock. With the 2nd, 23rd, 24th picks, in one night, the Rockets have a chance to completely remake their roster. 

The 2021 NBA Draft has long been lauded for the depth of its talent. The top three prospects, Cade Cunningham, Jalen Green, and Evan Mobley have long been established and two of the three will be there for the taking. However, this draft runs deep and useful players will be available towards the back of the first-round where the Rockets have two more picks.

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The Houston Rockets 2021 NBA Draft strategy

After posting the worst record in the league the Rockets are in desperate need of impact talent. The second pick is an excellent place to start but that type of thinking likely won’t carry into the back end of the first round. The Rockets should use the 23rd and 24th picks to add players that supplement their current core. 

The Rockets need outside shooting desperately and it should be a high priority on draft night. It would also behoove the franchise to try and add a center that compliments Christain Wood. For as strong as Wood’s inaugural season in Houston was, he remains a defensively limited center, and the Rockets’ depth behind him was gravely exposed when his ankle injury spurred a 20 game losing streak. 

The 2021 NBA Draft is the first draft of the post-Harden era and will be the first time the Rockets select in the first-round since 2015. The Rockets are making up for lost time, this is the Houston Rockets’ 2021 mock NBA Draft.