Houston Rockets: Mock NBA Draft 2.0

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Houston Rockets Mock NBA Draft 23rd pick: Chris Duarte

The Rockets proved last season that you can never have too much shooting. Much of their offensive struggles centered around their utter inability to hit jump shots. Whether it was threes, mid-range jumpers, or floaters the Rockets struggled to convert their shots. 

Chris Duarte is viewed as one of the best shooters in the draft and if he was younger, he’s already 24, he’d be a surefire lottery pick. Age, as a general rule, is a great indicator of potential. In most NBA front offices' eyes, the younger you are the better. However, that’s just a general rule. 

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It’s funny, but once a player is in the league age stops being such a hot-button topic. Age is just a number, but so is your 3-point shooting percentage, and one is far more valuable than the other on the basketball court. 

Duarte is listed at 6’6 with a 6’7 wingspan, which should allow him to carve out an immediate 3-and-D role. Everyone is looking for length and shooting regardless of age. Duarte isn’t just a set shooter either, he can knock down jumpers off the dribble and from handoffs. 

His athleticism isn’t great but his effort on defense should see him reach his absolute potential on that end. Duarte’s shooting might have him off the board before the Rockets come up at 23rd but if he drops, the Rockets need to pounce.