Houston Rockets: Mock NBA Draft 2.0

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Houston Rockets Mock NBA Draft 2nd pick: Jalen Green

In a perfect world, the Rockets would be selecting Cade Cunningham with their first pick. Unless a late trade occurs, it looks like Cunningham will go number one to the Detroit Pistons. As a consolation prize, the Rockets will get to pick between Jalen Green and Evan Mobley. 

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Either prospect has the tools to one day drag the Rockets back to contention but all reports indicate that Green has the edge at two. There might not be a player with a higher upside than Green. His combination of athleticism and shooting all but guarantee that he’ll be a 20 point per game scorer. 

While scoring 20 points per game is a great way to entertain, it doesn’t always translate to wins. If Green is going to be an elite player he’ll need to do one of two things. His first route to stardom is to simply become an unstoppable scorer. If he’s able to average 30 points per game it hardly matters what the rest of his game does. 

Green’s second route to stardom is if he improves his weaknesses, defense, and playmaking to the point where he has next to no deficiencies. He certainly has the physical abilities to be a lockdown defender but playmaking is harder project. 

Green wasn’t tasked with much shot creation in the G-League but part of that was because he played alongside longtime NBA point guard Jarrett Jack. As Michael Jordan once said, “the ceiling is the roof,” and Green has that type of ultimate upside. There’s a world where Green becomes a 30 point per game scorer, lockdown defender, and playmaker. If that happens the Rockets will have themselves an MVP. 

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Jalen Green is a fantastic prospect and at the very worst, he’ll be an incredibly entertaining player. The Rockets rebuild will get the jolt it needs when they add Green to their core. Get your popcorn ready because Green is box office.