Houston Rockets: NBA Draft trades for picks 23 and 24 ranked

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Troy Brown Jr., Houston Rockets, NBA Draft
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Houston Rockets: NBA Draft trades for picks 23 and 24 - #3: Chicago Bulls

. 38th pick. . . . Troy Brown Jr. 3. 24

The Chicago Bulls are out two first-round picks due to the Nikola Vuceciv trade. The move was meant to propel them into the playoffs but Zach LaVine’s ill-timed positive COVID test saw them stumble down the standings. The Bulls have playoff aspirations, two B- stars, a solid supporting cast, and are still a little light on talent. The 24th or 23rd pick would offer them the chance to round out their rotation for a playoff push. 

Any deal would start with the 38th pick. After that, things become murkier. The players the Bulls would consider trading are not players that the Rockets would want. However, Troy Brown Jr. might be the key to any deal. 

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After a promising sophomore season that saw him improve in nearly every statistical category, Brown Jr suffered through a tumultuous third NBA season. He missed time with a strained calf before being traded to the Bulls at midseason and missed the final 15 games of the season. Even when healthy, Brown Jr was ineffective and it’s possible that he’ll find himself fighting for minutes. 

Brown Jr is in the final year of his rookie deal so the Rockets would need to believe there is a bounceback in his future for this deal to work. He’s only 22 and has potential as a 3-and-D wing so he’s the type of player worth taking a shot on. The Bulls could tack on a future second-round pick if the Rockets are looking strictly for draft capital.