Houston Rockets: NBA Draft trades for picks 23 and 24 ranked

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Houston Rockets: NBA Draft trades for picks 23 and 24 - #2: Milwaukee Bucks

. 89. . . 31st pick,. 2. Jordan Nwora .

The Milwaukee Bucks are fresh off the franchise’s first championship in 50 years. No one would blame them for resting on their laurels but that wouldn’t be true to their character. Aggressive trades landed them Jrue Holiday and P.J. Tucker. Even the moves they didn’t make were aggressive. Their botched sign-and-trade of Bogdan Bogdanovic was agreed to before free agency had even begun and resulted in them losing a 2022 second-round pick.  

The Bucks won it all going for it, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone if they look to move back into the first round. The only complicating matter is that their second-round pick was the Rockets’. As a part of the P.J. Tucker trade, the Bucks and Rockets agreed to a highly unusual pick swap. The Bucks would swap their first-round pick for the Rockets' second-round pick. 

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Would the Bucks look to get their pick back? It seems unlikely, but it would be foolish to rule it out. The 31st pick is only seven spots behind the 24th pick and the Rockets would certainly have interest in Jordan Nwora. 

Nwora didn’t play much as a rookie but that’s not unusual for a second-round pick on a championship-winning team. The mere fact that he played at all bodes well for his future. Nwora isn’t just getting a participation trophy, he was highly productive when he played. 

For the season he hit 45.2-percent of his 3-pointers while primarily playing power forward. His free throw shooting and college track record indicate that Nwora isn’t a small sample size fluke either. He may not be Steph Curry but he’s a threat from behind the arc. 

The Rockets desperately need shooting and adding Nwora would accomplish that. A front-court of Nwora and Christian Wood would allow the Rockets to play a non-shooter in the backcourt without sacrificing spacing. Nwora isn’t a future star but he looks like a solid NBA rotation piece long-term.