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The Houston Rockets need an Assist to jumpstart the offense

N.B. Lindberg
Houston Rockets v Utah Jazz
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Assists are the key to efficient offense

Assisted shots are the golden goose for offensive efficiency. According to a 2019 article by Konstantinos Pelechrinis, a Professor of Computing and Information, shots in every area of the court zone see a boost in efficiency when assisted compared to unassisted. The study found that on average, an assisted shot saw a 0.16 increase in expected points over an unassisted shot. For a team that takes 91.7 shots per game, that can add up or subtract quickly. 

This isn’t Rocket science. This is computer science about the Rockets (so I guess it’s Rocket computer science?). More passing leads to more assists, which leads to more efficient shooting, which leads to better offense. The Rockets desperately need a facilitator who not only creates shots but creates an environment where passing is commonplace. 

The Rockets’ lack of passing is hurting their offense and likely the development of their young core. It’s putting an unnecessary burden on them to excel at the most difficult task in the sport, creating and making their own shot. While they will undoubtedly improve as isolation creators, the other areas of their offensive development are being left unattended. 

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There needs to be a newfound emphasis to commit to passing, not only to drag a talented offense out of the basement but to see that the Rockets’ bright young stars reach their full potential.