Houston Rockets quarter season report card 

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Houston Rockets quarter season player grades

The only players to feature for the Rockets this season that did not receive a grade are TyTy Washington Jr. and Trevor Hudgins. The two have played four minutes each, which is the equivalent of walking into a class and realizing you’re supposed to be down the hall in room 303, not 308. Each player will receive a grade and a course name. Every NBA player has a unique role, and their grade should represent that.

. Boban Marjanovic. A. Advanced Vibes

Boban isn’t here to play. He’s here to bring a giant serving of good vibes. By all accounts, he seems to be doing just that at an elite level. Some veterans show young guys how to practice, others show them how to take care of their bodies, but Boban shows everyone how to put a smile on their face. 

Rim Center. . Bruno Fernando . B-

Bruno Fernando has been excellent when he has played, but that has amounted to 61 minutes. He’s your prototypical rim-running, rim-protecting center, and he has excelled thus far. There’s a chance that he gets relegated to third-choice center in favor of minutes for Usman Garuba and Alperen Sengun, but he has shown enough that a center-needy team may look to target him. If Fernando lands the Rockets a first-round pick (unlikely at this point, but he is on a long-term team-friendly deal), then his grade will forever be an A. 

Jae’Sean Tate. D. Advanced Grit.

Jae’Sean Tate simply hasn’t played enough to warrant a better grade. A recurring ankle injury has limited him to three games and 68 minutes, and he hasn’t been exceptional in the minutes he has played. Tate is a really good role player who does a lot of the dirty work that fans only appreciate when their team is winning. Hopefully, he comes back healthy and puts this injury-ravaged quarter of the season behind him. 

F. Bench Guard. . Josh Christopher

Josh Christopher is supposed to be a bench guard, but thus far, he has been a janitor. Of his 107 minutes this season, 31 have come in low-leverage mop-up duty minutes. Fans have been clamoring for him to get more game time, but here’s the thing, he has been abjectly awful when he has played. For a rebuilding team, it’s really hard for a second-year first-round pick to play their way out of the rotation, but Christopher has managed to do just that. We’re approaching a point where the G-League might be his best option because he does not deserve to be on an NBA court right now.