Houston Rockets Season Review: Christian Wood

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Christian Wood Season in Review 

The 2021-22 season was a revealing season for Christian Wood. It showcased his immense gifts and deficiencies. He’s an imperfect player in an imperfect situation. The scoring production is there and is a real asset, but after that, he leaves a lot to be desired. 

With one year left on his contract at $13 million, the Rockets will likely be shopping him if they can’t agree on an acceptable extension. Wood isn’t a player that you break the bank for, but he also isn’t someone you just let go for nothing. 

An extension in the neighborhood of four years for $60 million seems fair. If Wood wants more, then he should start being shopped. A first-round pick from a team expecting to be a top-four seed is likely the best offer the Rockets can get right now. Remember, any team acquiring Wood is going to want him to be a situational center that averages around 13 points per game. That’s a good player, but not one you pay a premium for. 

Being around a top-50 player is an incredible accomplishment for a player that went undrafted. After bouncing around he finally found a home in Houston. He had a solid season, but it didn’t offer much to get excited about. For a soon-to-be 27-year-old with only 222 NBA games under his belt, he feels like a finished product. It’s a good product, it’s just not one you put on your Christmas list.  

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