Houston Rockets Season Review: Jae’Sean Tate

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Jae’Sean Tate Season in Review

Jae’Sean Tate proved that his strong rookie season wasn’t a fluke and solidified himself as an NBA contributor. If he was on a contender, he’d be a household name for his grit and defense, but instead, his talents have been overlooked on the worst team in the league. 

If this is all Tate is, then he’s still an excellent player, but the chance of a shooting breakout could turn him into a top-tier rotation piece. The Rockets will have some tough decisions regarding Tate. He’s entering the final year of his ludicrously team-friendly deal and would be a sought-after trade target if made available. 

However, the Rockets shouldn’t be actively shopping him if they think they can retain him for a reasonable price. Tate is the exact type of player that contenders look for to round out a playoff rotation. Why give him up now, only to be looking for another Jae’Sean Tate in a few years' time? 

While some semblance of a shooting breakout in year two would have been nice, his inability to shoot from deep was the least of the Rockets’ concerns. Players with elite defense and positional versatility are great, and Tate should remain that way for the next half-decade. Nothing about his career has been normal, so while it wouldn’t be smart to bank on a breakout, betting against him has been a losing proposition. 

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