Houston Rockets Season Review: Kevin Porter Jr

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Kevin Porter Jr., Houston Rockets
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Kevin Porter Jr Season in Review

Kevin  Porter Jr shook off a poor start and closed the season on a tear. His improvement throughout the season didn’t answer the point guard question, but it showed how in another role he could be a real asset. The point guard door isn’t shut, but after this season the Rockets may need to assess other options. 

The improvements Porter made on defense and as a spot-up 3-point shooter will make him a valuable secondary option. He’s a little undersized to play small forward, but in certain match-ups, he’d be an asset. Right now, his best role is as a floor-spacing guard with limited playmaking responsibilities.

Porter’s season was a success if your expectations for him matched reality. He was the 30th pick and traded to the Rockets for the NBA equivalent of nothing. In that light, he had an exceptional season. However, if you were predicting a future All-Star, then his season was a disappointment. Porter doesn’t do anything at an elite level and likely he never will. The reality is nearly every All-Star has at least one elite skill.

Porter proved that he can have a long career in the NBA, and that’s impressive in its own right. Next season is massive for Porter, it's a contract year and he'll likely maintain a sizable role on offense. How he plays will answer plenty of questions about his future for the Rockets and himself.

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