Houston Rockets: Top-5 2022 free agent guards

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Houston Rockets Free Agent Guard #3 Collin Sexton 

Collin Sexton is likely to be the best offensive player to truly hit the open market. Sexton missed almost all of last season with a meniscus injury but was coming off a year where he averaged 24.3 points, 4.4 assists, and 6.4 free throw attempts on 37.1% shooting from three and 50.8% shooting on twos. He was a three-level scoring threat who blended scoring efficiency with secondary playmaking.  

Sexton also won’t turn 24 until next January and has averaged 20 points per game in his first four seasons in the NBA. He’s young, he’s productive, and he’s good at the hardest thing to do in the NBA. The Rockets, along with a whole host of teams, should be interested in his services. 

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Sexton’s deficiencies start and end on defense. He is a poor defender, and he is small, so it’s unlikely that will ever change. His defense has improved since he was in the league, but when you start at the literal bottom, that’s not difficult. In essence, your value of Sexton comes down to how impactful you think his offense can be to offset his traffic cone tendencies on the defensive end. 

Another question is what does Sexton think he is worth? If he’s looking for $20 million-plus per season, that’s an easy no. However, if a deal of around $15 million a season can be struck, then things get more interesting. 

Coming off of a season long layoff due to a knee injury is a brutal way to enter free agency, but the Cavaliers did extend him a $7.2 million qualifying offer. The Rockets should look to sign him to a short term deal, possibly with multiple player options, that will allow him to test the market should he have a good season. 

Sexton isn’t a natural fit next to Kevin Porter Jr and Jalen Green, but he would be a solid fit next to one of the two. He could thrive as a Manu Ginobli sixth-man that plays the fifth-most minutes on the team.