Houston Rockets: Top-5 Free agency needs

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Houston Rockets’ top-5 Free agency needs #3: PG Depth

The Rockets have more point guards than they know what to do with. The presence of John Wall, D.J. Augustin, and Kevin Porter Jr means that opportunities at the spot will be sparse. The Rockets have depth at the position now but don't expect that to last. 

Wall has been injury prone and it’s no secret the Rockets would love to move off of his contract. Augustin is on a small deal and will likely be trade bait. There’s a real chance that the Rockets will only have one real point guard at some point this season. 

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The Rockets may dream of turning Jalen Green into a zero guard but expecting him to do the heavy lifting on offense in his rookie season might be more than he can handle. There are a plethora of options for the Rockets to target in free agency to act as a back-up or spot starter at the point guard spot. 

Championship teams don’t eschew depth as a strategy, it’s just incredibly difficult to have depth and two to three highly paid players on the same roster. This means that teams down the pecking order can more easily land quality players to round out their rosters. The Rockets need to add depth at the point guard position so they can aggressively shop Wall and Augustin, while also having an insurance policy if injury strikes.