Houston Rockets: Top-5 Free agency needs

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Houston Rockets’ top-5 Free agency needs #1: Shooting 

The Houston Rockets had the league’s fourth-worst offense per 100 possessions last season. Their putrid showing on offense would lead one to believe that their offensive principles were a mess, but that doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. 

The Rockets took the sixth most shots at the rim and the second most shots from 3-point range as a total percentage of their shots. The league, on average, scores 1.35 points per attempt at the rim and 1.1 points per 3-point attempt. All other shots average less than a point per shot attempt. 

The Rockets' offense took the highest percentage of their shots from the two most valuable spots and they managed to have the league’s fourth-worst offense. The issue wasn’t their offense, the issue was the guys taking the shots. 

The Rockets were the third-worst 3-point shooting team and the worst mid-range shooting team in the league last season. If the Rockets had been an average shooting team their offense would have had a chance to be top ten. 

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The Rockets' biggest problem is shooting. They desperately need more of it. Their offense is primed for a jolt up the rankings. They just need their shots to fall. It’s a make-or-miss league. The Rockets were at the bottom of the league because they missed. They need to add some makes if they want to move out of the cellar.