Houston Rockets: Top-5 2022 free agent forwards

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Otto Porter Jr., Houston Rockets
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Houston Rockets Free Agent Forward #3 Otto Porter Jr

Otto Porter Jr, fresh off of a championship, will be one of the most sought after forwards on the market. He’s a lethal 3-point shooter, a surprisingly good rebounder, and a smart team defender capable of checking fours and threes. He’s the total package if you require a low-usage forward. 

Porter broke out in 2015-16, averaging 11.6 points and 5.2 rebounds on 36.7% 3-point shooting and 53.6% shooting on twos. He would improve each of the next two seasons while remaining a good defensive wing. At 23, he was awarded a four-year $106 million deal. 

However, in 2018-19 his career went into a tailspin. His cratering production saw him traded three times as teams wanted to rid themselves of his contract.  Through it all, his shot never abandoned him, converting 39.6% of his threes and 49.7% of his twos. 

The Rockets shoot a lot of threes, but they just don’t make all that many. Porter, along with Jabari Smith Jr, might be the best 3-point shooting power forward rotation in the league. Factor in their defensive abilities, and one of the Rockets’ weaknesses, wing play, will have become a strength. 

Porter signed with the Warriors for a paltry $2.3 million and promptly became an integral part of their title winning team. Down 2-1 in the finals, Steve Kerr inserted Porter into the starting lineup, and the Warriors haven’t lost since. Was that all Porter? No, but it shows his ability to impact the game at the highest levels. 

Porter won’t be had for $2.3 million again, and by all accounts, the Warriors would love to have him back. However, with their payroll and luxury tax situation, it isn’t a stretch to think that a $10 million contract would be enough to knock them out of the picture.