Houston Rockets: Top-5 2022 free agent forwards

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Eric Paschall, Houston Rockets
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Houston Rockets Free Agent Forward #2 Eric Paschall

Eric Paschall has had an odd start to his career. He played big minutes as a rookie and posted solid numbers, but each following season he has seen less and less of the court. The good news is that as he has played less, his efficiency and advanced metrics have improved. 

Paschall is your quintessential rotation player. He’s valuable up until the 20 minute mark. At 6’6, he is a power forward capable of being a small ball center and can spot you some minutes at small forward. The versatility is a real plus, even if he is a below average defender overall.  

Each season Paschall has improved as a 3-point shooter. Going from 28.7% as a rookie to 33.3% in year two and 37% this past season. A big reason for his growth is that he has continued to take more and more corner threes. The Rockets took the fourth highest percentage of their shots from 3-point range but the fewest percentage of their threes from the corner. Paschall isn’t P.J. Tucker, but the Rockets need more guys willing to camp out in the corner and take the league’s most efficient shot. 

It’s hard to say how much Paschall will command in free agency. He hasn’t played enough to land a sizeable deal, but he has improved enough that someone may take a flier on him. He is a restricted free agent, but it’s unlikely that he is a priority for the Jazz. 

If the Rockets offer him an improved role, there’s a chance that they can get him for around the league minimum.