Houston Rockets Trade Deadline: 3 teams who should trade for Eric Gordon 

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Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers
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New York Knicks → Evan Fournier for Eric Gordon

The New York Knicks make a ton of sense as a landing spot for Eric Gordon. They’re the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference but only a half-game behind the Heat for the sixth seed. Avoiding the play-in should be their objective and Gordon could be the spark that pushes them over the edge. 

An Eric Gordon trade to the New York Knicks. dark. Related

The Knicks have multiple first-round picks with less-than-enviable protections that could satisfy the Rockets’ asset appetite, and they have the matching salary. Evan Fournier’s $18 million salary is enough for a one-for-one trade. He’s owed $18.8 million next season before a $19 million team option in 2024-25. The Rockets may be wary of taking on more salary for next season, but if they want to land a first-round pick for Gordon they’re almost certainly going to have to. 

For the Knicks, going from Gordon to Fournier is a massive win. Fournier is averaging 7.1 points in 18.7 minutes per game on a career-worst 32.7% from 3-point range. Gordon is not only far better than that, but his contract can also come off the books next season with no fuss. It would be foolish for the Knicks not to explore their options with Gordon because the picks it would take to land him and offload Fournier are the same picks that no team trading a superstar wants.