Houston Rockets Trade Deadline: 3 teams who should trade for Eric Gordon 

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Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers
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New Orleans Pelicans → Devonte Graham & Jaxson Hayes for Eric Gordon

A month ago, the Pelicans looked like they were going to be sitting the trade deadline out. On January 14th, the Pelicans beat the Pistons to move to 26-17 and that was with their big three of Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram, and C.J. McCollum hardly playing together. What followed was a ten-game losing streak that saw them dip below .500. 

The Pelicans now sit at 29-27 and are eighth in the Western Conference, but they have an avenue to make it out of the play-in. The addition of Eric Gordon and the return of Zion Williamson could be enough to make the Pelicans real contenders. 

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To make the salary work, the Pelicans would send the Rockets Devonte Graham and Jaxson Hayes. Hayes is an expiring contract and Graham is owed $12.1 million next season and $12.6 in 2024-25. Graham is a solid floor spacer and point guard that could help the Rockets over the few seasons, while Hayes is a pogo-stick center eligible coming off his rookie contract. The trade also lowers the Pelicans’ salary commitments for next season, which may be necessary as that’s when Zion Williamson’s max extension kicks in. 

It’s unlikely the Pelicans would be interested in sending the Rockets draft picks, but they may be willing to move one of the Milwaukee Bucks’ 2025 and 2027 first-round picks or swap rights in 2024 and 2026.