Houston Rockets Trade Deadline: 3 teams who should trade for Eric Gordon 

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Dallas Mavericks → Davis Bertans for Eric Gordon

The Dallas Mavericks shouldn’t be done making moves. Kyrie Irving is a massive addition, but he won’t completely solve their lack of ball handling. The Mavericks relied heavily on both Luka Doncic and Spencer Dinwiddie to shoulder the offensive creation burden, and while Irving is better than Dinwiddie in that regard, they still have the same problem of having one too few ball handlers. 

Eric Gordon isn’t the primary option in a pinch he was in his prime, but the Mavericks won’t ask him to be. All he needs to do is run the offense enough to give Doncic and Irving the breathing room they need. Gordon is also highly experienced playing off of two ball-dominant guards as a floor spacer. 

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Dallas, outside of a need for a player with Gordon’s skillset, also has the most crucial component to any trade, bad salary. Davis Bertan’s contract is one of the worst in the league under $20 million. He’s owed $16 million this season, $17 million next, and $16 million in 2024-25. For a player averaging 10.6 minutes a night, that is about as dead as money can be. 

Before the Mavericks’ acquisition of Irving, it was widely believed that the Mavericks wouldn’t part with first-round picks unless they could make a massive move. Well, the Irving trade counts as massive, and the organization can stop protecting first-round picks like family heirlooms. Gordon won’t net anything more than a highly protected first-round pick, but those protections could be knocked down a few pegs in return for dealing with the final two seasons of Bertans’ deal. 

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