Houston Rockets trade value rankings 

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Houston Rockets trade value rankings #15-13: Boban Marjanovic, Daishen Nix, Josh Christopher

Boban Marjanovic finished dead last in the Houston Rockets trade value rankings. He scored a 0 in both current and potential production and earned a 2 for salary for a total score of 0.2. Marjanovic is a bit player on the worst team in the league and is already well past his prime. He’s an excellent locker room presence, but that doesn’t count for much in trades. His $3.5 million salary is a bit rich for a guy that’s there to keep the team vibing and play an occasional ten minutes in a blowout. 

Josh Christopher and Daishen Nix earned a 0.7 in my trade value metric. Nix finished tied for 14th because there’s still some hope he could be a rotation player at the NBA level, but that could change by the end of the season. Nix is generously an NBA player right now and scored a 0 in current production, but his age made me feel compelled to give him a 1 for potential production. His $1.5 million contract is fair (earning a 3), considering he should probably be a 15th man or in the G-League.

Josh Christopher barely plays for the Rockets, which earned him a 0 for current production. His minuscule role also raises questions about how long he’ll last in the NBA. Christopher has more tools than Nix, but his potential production looks capped at a rotation player, and earned him a 1. His salary of $2.3 million is tiny by NBA standards, and he has two team options remaining. No team would balk at taking it on, and the optionality of it makes it a fair contract.