Houston Rockets: Who’s going to be the starting point guard?

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Who should be the Houston Rockets starting point guard: The combo-guard 

Jalen Green, Cade Cunningham, Houston Rockets
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Daishen Nix

Nix is an interesting player that the Rockets scooped up after Summer League. A five-star recruit out of High School, Nix decided to forego college and instead played for the G-League Unite. Nix played point guard in High School and clearly has potential but if he ends up the Rockets starting point guard, with all the options they have, then a team plane must have crashed. 

Jalen Green

Jalen Green is the future of the Houston Rockets. His scoring ability should translate instantly to the NBA and the Rookie of the Year award should be his for the taking. However, he is viewed as a shooting guard by most in the industry. The same was said of James Harden. 

The point guard and shooting guard positions are starting to blur. Most teams operate by just letting their best perimeter player bring the ball up the court. Green could very well be the Rockets' best perimeter player from day one. If that’s the case, then why not just give him the rock and let him cook?

The Rockets one day hope that Green can be a primary playmaker, but asking him to do that right out the gate, when capable support is present, probably is too much. There will be periods of time this season when Green will be the de-facto point guard, but don’t expect him to be in that role at tip-off.