Houston Rockets: Why the Knicks aren’t trading for John Wall

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Houston Rockets: The talent swing doesn’t add up in a John Wall trade to the New York Knicks

The New York Knicks were a playoff team last season and are fighting to avoid the play-in tournament this season. Any trade they make has to make the team better, and there is no way to land John Wall without sending out more talent than they’re taking in. 

Here’s a potential trade that sees the Knicks sending out the requisite salary to bring John Wall to the big apple. 

It's possible to talk yourself into the idea that John Wall is better individually than any of these four players, but it is impossible to believe that one John Wall is better than all four. The other issue is that the Rockets wouldn’t want the players they'd get in return. 

Wall hasn't played so the Rockets could give more reps to Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr. The addition of Fournier, Burks, and Walker would only add to the backcourt glut. Not to mention, the Rockets have too many centers as is. Christian Wood, Alperen Sengun, and Daniel Theis have all struggled to share the court at the same time. Nerlens Noel is a good player, but he makes their crowded center rotation untenable unless they’re all okay playing 12 minutes a game.