Houston Rockets: Why the Knicks aren’t trading for John Wall

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Houston Rockets: The slim hope for a John Wall trade to the New York Knicks

The only realistic way to trade John Wall to the New York Knicks is if a third, and, possibly fourth, team is brought into the fold. This is the only way the Knicks and Rockets can get what they really want. The Knicks can get their point guard and some other pieces, and the Rockets can add to their growing stockpile of future assets. 

The Oklahoma City Thunder have the cap space and future assets to make an excellent third party. Would the Charlotte Hornets try to get involved to land Nerlens Noel? The Denver Nuggets need backcourt and wing help with Jamal Murray still on the mend and Michael Porter Jr’s return unknown. Could the Utah Jazz look to get involved to bolster a championship roster that looks one piece short of challenging the Golden State Warriors and Phoenix Suns?

The Knicks' interest in John Wall is unlikely to materialize into anything tangible. However, if he were to be bought out, he’d be at the top of their list. As it stands, there are simply too many hurdles to overcome, for both sides, to send Wall to New York. Rumors may be fun, but they’re called rumors and not reports for a reason. 

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