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Jalen Green: Silencing critics one game at a time

Memphis Grizzlies v Houston Rockets
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Jalen Green's 3-point efficiency  

Nobody would question Green in the open court. His god-given talent shines brightest when he’s running the floor (with or without the basketball). Adapting to the half court game is something that takes time for most athletic players like Green.

This was a point of emphasis for him going into his second season, and so far he’s delivered. Last season, Green shot the three-ball at a solid clip, but now he’s shooting at an astonishing 48.3%. These numbers are likely to decline as the season continues, yet they should remain close to 40% even when they plateau. His lights-out shooting should give Rockets fans optimism that Green will be a top-tier scorer sooner than experts expected.

Green is averaging 6.8 threes per game and finding his shots in a variety of ways. When he’s not creating off the dribble, he’s proving to be a viable option in catch-and-shoot situations. The latter has contributed to his high shooting percentage thus far. The Houston guard has knocked down 46.2% in catch-and-shoot scenarios this season, an area that saw him shoot 35.2% just a season ago. He didn’t just improve as a spot-up shooter, his pull-up three off the dribble has been just as deadly. He’s shooting a mind-boggling 50% on those attempts shooting over three a game.

Add that to his explosive burst, and you got a prime time player for years to come. The future is bright for this young man. He puts the work in, and it’s obvious in his play. They’ll be rough times during the year for Rockets fans, but Green’s development should be a bright spot all season long. So get ready to enjoy Jalen Green as he silences his critics in his sophomore season.

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