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For the Rockets to take flight, they need to let Stephen Silas go

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Houston Rockets v Utah Jazz
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The Rockets offense can’t get off the ground

Last season, the Rockets' offense was one of the worst in the league. Their offensive rating of 108.4 was ranked 26th. For a coach that was touted for their offensive acumen, finishing with a bottom-five offense is not exactly a good sign. 

Much like in his first season, there were a myriad of excuses and reasons for the Rockets’ poor offensive efficiency. The two most apparent were that Jalen Green was a rookie, and Kevin Porter Jr. was learning to play point guard. Those claims proved to be somewhat true. The Rockets’ improved their first-half offensive efficiency from 107.6 to 110.8 in the second half as Green and Porter’s play improved. 

However, an incredible amount of that uptick on offense came in their final nine games, when they posted an offensive rating of 117.3. Not so coincidentally, Green rattled off a stretch of 30-point performances over that stretch. 

Once again, the Rockets' offense has started slowly. Their offensive rating of 107.3 is 26th in the league. The numbers don’t lie. Over the past two seasons, the Rockets' offense has stunk under Silas, and it’s not as if the roster has been completely devoid of talent. 

Christian Wood is a talented offensive player and looks like an All-Star playing next Luka Doncic, Eric Gordon had one of his most efficient shooting seasons, and Green, Porter, and Alperen Sengun are all offensively gifted players. A great coach should have been able to get a bit more out of the Rockets' roster.