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For the Rockets to take flight, they need to let Stephen Silas go

N.B. Lindberg
Houston Rockets v Utah Jazz
Houston Rockets v Utah Jazz / Chris Gardner/GettyImages
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The final straw

The final straw for Silas has to be the Rockets' past two games against the Utah Jazz. While each team won one game, the difference in offensive structure was so stark as to be revealing. 

The Jazz traded away five core members in the offseason, lost their head coach, had to integrate three new players into the starting lineup, and still looked years ahead of the Rockets in offensive cohesion. 

The Rockets' offense has next to no actions to create advantages and space, while the Jazz executed simple moves to great shots. Not every offense relies on screening away from the ball, but the Rockets have looked utterly incapable of executing the pick part of a pick-and-roll. 

The difference in raw talent between the Jazz and the Rockets isn’t huge. Yes, the Jazz have veterans, but their primary shot creator is Jordan Clarkson. The difference is that one utilizes the roster’s strengths and has actions to create advantages. 

Perhaps the most damning revelation is the Jazz have a rookie head coach, Will Hardy, who they hired from a different organization. Stephen Silas has been the Rockets' head coach for three seasons now, and a coach in the first few months on the job already looks to be far better. Maybe Hardy is the next great coach? Great, then the Rockets should go find the next one because it isn’t Stephen Silas.