Sadly, Rockets' Jalen Green is already getting Harden-like narratives from the media

Anthony Duckett
Detroit Pistons v Houston Rockets
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Houston Rockets
Detroit Pistons v Houston Rockets / Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The false narratives that are already being formed about Houston Rockets rookie Jalen Green

A good example of the biases that have started to circulate regarding Green and Cunningham is Mike Schmitz of ESPN, who made the following comments on ESPN's SportsCenter after the Rockets beat the Pistons.

"Even though Houston ended up winning and Jalen Green had a big game, I thought that Cade Cunningham actually won the individual battle against Jalen Green.

When they were matched up, he knocked down a few step-back threes, he showed the ability to score in the post, get to the rim, knock down catch-and-shoot threes, facilitate for his teammates, he also blocked one of his pull-ups.

I thought he was very active defensively. So, to me he proved why he's the number one pick, just because he's so complete. He can do basically everything on the floor."

For starters, this is no knock against Cunningham, as he had a good game and it's unequivocally a generational talent. But it's quite clear to see that Green had a better game across the board than the former Oklahoma State standout on Tuesday night.

In fact, even with Green's 3 early turnovers in the opening half, he still finished with the same number of turnovers as Cunningham (4), who also fouled out of the game. Sure, it's just the Summer League, so there's no reason to be up in arms, but the difference between how both players are being covered could have a greater effect, as it pertains to the 2021-22 season.

This was outlined by the below tweet, which already proves a James Harden-like agenda underway by the media in the upcoming Rookie of the Year race.