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Sadly, Rockets' Jalen Green is already getting Harden-like narratives from the media

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Seeking to understand the all-too-early narratives being formed against Houston Rockets rookie Jalen Green

Before we examine the referenced tweet, we should first acknowledge that the tweet is implying that Green won't make his team better to the level of Cunningham, before either player has played a single regular season game.

Well, if that's the narrative, then it's important to note that the first time the two players faced off, Green had better numbers AND a victory. Also, Green has flashed the ability to score, create offense for others, and apply defensive effort, which are all vital to securing victories, so why is that being ignored?

In fact, Green has had better numbers throughout the entire Summer League, while his team is also 2-0, compared to Cunningham's Pistons going 0-2. Again, it isn't a knock on Cunningham, but if narratives are being formed already, then we have to factor in the totality of the circumstances for each player.

What it seems like Schmitz and Matt Moore, the account that tweeted out the biased narrative, are saying is that Cunningham is a better overall player and that Green will get empty stats, the latter of which Houston Rockets fans have heard for the better part of the last decade, as it pertains to James Harden

There was always the "yeah but" with Harden, while he destroyed every claim with ease. First it was, yeah but he doesn't play defense, and then Harden became the best post defender in the league. 

And then it was, yeah he leads the league in scoring but his style of play doesn't translate into wins. Yet the Rockets had the best record in 2017-18 and came within a Chris Paul hamstring of winning a title.

Not to mention the Rockets posting a league record for playoff appearances during the span in which Harden was in Houston, as they never missed the playoffs in any of the eight years that Harden was in Houston. So while it doesn't take any effort to throw around early narratives, it's also okay to have a wait-and-see approach, since any analysis should be derived off of what the players do on the court.

And if we aren't going to put stock into the Summer League (rightfully so), then we probably should hold off on forming any narratives altogether, at least right now.

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