What’s a Fair Trade Offer for Kenyon Martin Jr?

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What’s Fair Value for Kenyon Martin Jr.? 

Kenyon Martin Jr. has performed to a similar level as a late first-round pick. Some of those players pop and have far outproduced Martin’s level, but many never make any dent in the NBA, even with a plethora of garbage time minutes. 

While a late first-round pick would appear to be fair value for Martin, the fact that he only has two more years on his deal compared to the four-year deals first-round rookies ink indicates his value is probably a little bit lower. 

A second-round pick from a team projected to have a bottom ten record would be a good deal, as would two picks expected to fall after 45th. Players with Martin’s profile aren’t difficult to find, and it’s unsurprising he has yet to be traded. 

His inability to create his own shot and lack of 3-point gravity dramatically limit his upside, and his lack of size makes it unlikely a team can coax above-average defense from him while he’s still on his current deal. He remains a developmental player that is fast approaching free agency. 

Bottom feeders intrigued by his long-term potential are likely to prefer drafting and developing the next Kenyon Martin Jr., and contenders are looking for players that can immediately fill a need. The Rockets made a great investment by snagging him with the 52nd pick and inking him to a team-friendly deal, but he remains a bench player on the worst team in the league over the past two seasons for a reason. 

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