Who should start vs who will start for the Houston Rockets

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Houston Rockets, Jalen Green
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Houston Rockets starting Shooting Guard 

Who will start: Jalen Green

The Rockets’ future will come down to Jalen Green. The number two overall pick in the 2021 NBA draft is the pre-season favorite to win Rookie of the Year and Stephen Silas has let the young guard play through his mistakes. 

Green will be one of the most exciting players in the league this season regardless of his effectiveness. He possesses a rare combination of athletic traits that allow him to burn defenders at will and his jump shot looks pure even if he doesn’t convert as many shots as one would like. 

If Green becomes a superstar down the line then the Rockets could be title contenders, if he’s an All-Star they’ll be a playoff team, and if he’s neither of those the franchise could be crossing their fingers that the Nets are horrible in 2025. Green’s development is the priority of the season and Stephen Silas will be sure to give him every chance to grow. 

Who should start: Jalen Green

Jalen Green isn’t simply starting because he’s the Rockets’ future, he’s starting because he’s already the franchise’s best option. For an NBA offense to function it needs a player capable of creating their own shot. These players can collapse defenses and give a team an outlet late in the shot clock. 

Green’s ability to beat players off the dribble will be crucial to the Rockets’ offense, hopefully for the next decade-plus. Even if he isn’t converting shots his mere presence will keep defenses honest. On nights when his shot is falling the Rockets’ offense will look like one of the best in the league.